Microsoft and their former Nokia team love making teaser videos for events and promotions. The latest one is #MakeItHappen, which was mysteriously teased this morning on the Lumia Vine channel. Now, a second video has appeared on YouTube with a little more detail.

Evidently, "legendary trials cyclist" Danny MacAskill is "planning his biggest stunt ever with a little help from his very own personal assistant, Cortana".

Coincidentally, the video is posted on the Microsoft Lumia UK channel, and we cannot help but link this event to the "secret" Lumia one being held on November 19 also in the UK.

Our guess? We'll see MacAskill pull off a major public stunt, somehow using Cortana in the process.

In the video, you can see MacAskill using a Lumia 930 and discussing the stunt, including a reference to something appearing "to float".

If you have never seen MacAskill and his mad bicycle skills, you can do a search on YouTube to see many of his mini stunt movies displaying his abilities. Often working with Red Bull and other companies, MacAskill is well known for this jumping and balancing aptitudes in the competitive 'street trials' scene.

What will MacAskill do on November 19? We will have to wait and see.

Source: YouTube, Vine