Microsoft is saying good-bye to several top executives as part of the leadership changes it announced today. One of them is Mark Penn, who at one time was the man behind the company's controversial 'Scroogled' marketing campaign against Google.

Penn joined Microsoft in 2012 as its vice-president of Strategic and Special Projects. He later came up with the 'Scroogled' campaign, which started later that year.

The campaign attacked Google on several fronts, including for its Gmail ad policies and its Chromebooks. In 2014, Microsoft said the "Scroogled" campaign had come to an end but it's debatable how effective it was to the general public. In that same year, Penn was given the new title of Chief Insights Officer at Microsoft.

In his email to Microsoft employees today, CEO Satya Nadella had this today about Penn:

"Over the years, Mark has leveraged his talents and insights on Microsoft's behalf. From helping craft a Super Bowl ad and helping design new business and marketing models to his work in data analytics, Mark has helped me set the company on a new course. I'm thankful for the wise strategic counsel Mark has provided, and I look forward to seeing what he does next."

In fact, Penn will be creating a new venture capital company, Stagwell Group LLC. The Wall Street Journal reports that one of its main investors is none other than former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who first hired Penn back in 2012.

Source: Microsoft, Wall Street Journal