Alarms Plus

If the native alarm on your Windows Phone isn't enough, take a gander at Alarms Plus. Alarms Plus supports multiple alarms, personal messages to great you, and has a handy puzzle feature to silence the alarms.

With Alarms Plus you can set up to ten consecutive alarms that can be spaced out up to ten minutes apart. You have five alarm sounds and if you really have trouble waking up, three puzzle levels to silence the alarm.

Alarms Plus

The puzzles are a group of mathematical equations and text entry that is supposed to wake up your mind with the theory being your body will follow close behind. Along with the puzzle, a personal reminder can be recorded to... well... remind you of something.  Like a morning doctor's appointment, a school test, or put out the trash before you pull out the driveway.

Along with being an alarm clock, Alarms Plus also allows you to create a to-do list. It's basically a free-form text field that you can use to create the list from.  Both tasks and alarms can be pinned to your Start Screen for easy reference. Alarm Plus will run in the background and behind a lockscreen.

Alarm Plus is a nice, simple alarm app that has enough annoyance to wake you up on time. While alarms can be repeated, you can only set the occurrence to daily. A weekday and weekend option would be nice. Being able to create a to-do list is a nice bonus but it's really a basic feature. Add the ability to set an alarm to each task and it might be better.

Alarms Plus is a free ad supported app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Store.

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