Looks like whomever is testing these phones sure likes to broadcast they're doing so. The popular, free and fun "I'm a WP7!" which recently had a major revision (see here) obviously collects interesting data from users and the developer, Scott Peterson, shared them with us. The info is an "...aggregate of over 46,000 devices, in over 150 countries worldwide." Yowza!

First, as you can see above, many of the new "Mango" devices that we've been reading and writing about have recently come "on line". That date is when they were first spotted. For those wondering, the Asus Galaxy6 is actually a very, very old Windows Phone 7 device that never got past some development work. Interesting to see it show up though. We also see the usual suspects:

  • Acer M310
  • Samsung GT-i8350
  • Nokia 800
  • HTC Eternity
  • HTC Omega
  • Fujitsu IS12T
  • Samsung SGH-i677
  • LG-LS831 (still unknown)
  • Toshiba Tsunagi (TG01 developer device)

Missing from the list? Any Dell device. There was one spotted back in May with a missing "device name", but other than that, it looks like Dell may not have anything further, confirming the idea that they're out of the mobile phone biz.Then again, perhaps they're just really disciplined and secretive.

Finally, Scott tells us he's seen a new build of Windows Phone, which would be Tango 8310. The previous version was 8200, seen here.

Interesting stuff and hopefully we'll have more on the way. Pick up "I'm a WP7" here in the Marketplace, it's worth a spin.