Neowin recently covered how they've learned from a number of reliable sources that Microsoft plan to release a beta of the next major installation of Windows Phone 7, codenamed "Mango", in the next few days (22nd/23rd June) to registered WP7 developers. While we were over-joy and full of excitement, especially after reading through our Daniel Rubino's hands on with his WP7.5 loaded Samsung Focus, we held off from reporting this news until further confirmation was obtained.

The Twitter account Windows Phone 8 has just tweeted (shown above) to WP7 developers to keep a watchful eye out for the "Mango" beta, which will be available soon. This lightly confirms what Neowin reported and Microsoft Addict was able to confirm with a 22nd release date too. So, are we excited? Let's see what the next few days bring us in terms of beta releases, if they arrive of course.

Source: Neowin, Microsoft Addict

Update: While it was exciting to think a Mango Beta would become availalble to developers this week, Brandon Watson has dashed those hopes with a single tweet.

He also tweets seperately that no developer devices will be released this week as well.  According to Brandon, Microsoft wants to focus on the press preview and consumer related features first.