This could well be looking into something that's not there and we're all reading far too much into the above tweet. But, it does seem like the best time for the release of the update and upcoming devices (remember the handsets we covered that were shown at WPC'11?). With iOS5 coming up as well as the rumored iPhone 5, this is the perfect time for Microsoft to provide even the most avid Apple fans with a second choice.

So, this could well be nothing, or it could be a solid hint at a possible date for Mango. What do you think? Sound off in the comments with when you believe Microsoft will bring us Mango, and if you reckon September (or prior, since they mentioned 'by September') is a solid time frame for the release.

Also of interest is once again the reference to "Mango" as 7.5, seemingly confirming what we've suspected for some time now.

And last but not least, the winners for Imagine Cup were announced. We'll just focus on mobile:

  • First Place: Geekologic (France) with 'Brainergy', physics puzzler that requires you to use various equipment to convert renewal energy sources to do work
  • Second Place: Close World Mobile (France) for 'Hilomi' focusing on environmental sustainability
  • Third Place: Team Dragon (United States) for their asthma game 'Azmo the Dragon'

Videos of the winners after the break