In a new promotional video, Microsoft's People Hub Program Manager, simply referred to as Greg, discusses some of the new features that users will find in Mango and the motivation behind them.  Greg explains that it is not only important for a phone to deliver communications by phone, text, email and social media, but to tie them all together.  With that in mind, Mango will tote a new Contact History in the People Hub.  As shown in the video, all you have to do is click on a contact to see a list of all recent communications by that contact, regardless of what medium they came from.  Simply tap on that entry, and you will be transported to that app and conversation.

Another cool feature described is live contact notifications on the Start screen.  If you have a contact pinned to Start, and they send you an email or chat, you will now see an update on their tile letting you know you have a new message from them.  Tap the tile, and find their new message in the history. 

We all know that Mango is bringing some big changes to WP7.  However, another thing that excites us is all of these thoughtful little tweaks and attention to detail that have been added.

Source: Microsoft; Via: 1800PocketPC