Microsoft has posted another demo video on the upcoming Mango Windows Phone update on their Windows Phone YouTube Channel. Most of what you'll see covers the same territory the Preview Event revealed or that has been reported since.

However... at the 6:26 mark we get a peak at a new photo feature called Auto-Fix. All you see is the reference to the new feature in the pull-up menu, Readers may remember on Windows Mobile we had auto-fix in the photos app, which basically adjusted contrast and brightness automatically--heck it was the first thing we did with every photo, so we expect to use it a lot. Nice to see its return.

We also see a new Best Buy app around the 12:13 mark that looks really nice. The app will save a lot of driving time by allowing you to see which local store has an item in stock. Hopefully, the app will go one step further and allow you to place in-store pick-up orders from your Windows Phone.

I'm sure we missed other new features hidden in the Mango Video. Feel free to catch the full video after the break and let us know if you see anything we've missed.

Thanks goes out to Adrian for tipping us!