In the recent Windows Phone Developer Podcast episode, we have some new information detailing the status of the next update for Microsoft's mobile platform - "Mango". This shouldn't come with shock to readers since we've been following the wind with the Fujitsu IS12T handset (as well as Nokia's "Sea Ray"). According to the podcast; "Mango" has been RTM (released to manufacturers) and is also with carriers for testing.

While we've had the next update on devices for some time now, this was of course only a developer preview build (7661). Our Daniel Rubino previously caught on the build number for the release of "Mango" when we covered the breaking news of the Nokia device being shown off in a factory. In fact, we didn't only have the build number, which will be 7710, but we also stated that we received word on "Mango" already being RTM.

Good news all around? We think so, what do you guys make of this somewhat re-assuring news? Do you believe these are signs of an early release?

Update: And the news has jumped the gun again. Bill Cox, Sr. Director of Communications at Microsoft for the Windows Phone Division, just tweeted:

"For those following the rumor mill, @windowsphone Mango has not yet hit RTM. We’re excited about the progress... stay tuned."

For what it's worth, we have heard that 7710 is or near final RTM though and clearly from the Sea Ray video this week, you can see the "OEM" logo as the OS boots. Still, looks like we're not quite there yet.

Source: Windows Phone Dev Podcast;  via: WMPU