It looks there we could be awaiting some fairly major shakeups in the mobile manufacturing world.

First, it appears Ericsson could be looking to get out of its joint Sony Ericsson venture. Slashgear is pointing to a German report that says Sony could take over sole control. Why, you ask?

Sony announced a huge 95-percent drop in profits over the last three months of 2008, compared to performance twelve months previous. They went on to predict a net loss of 150 billion yen ($1.67 billion) for the full fiscal year, with Chief Executive Howard Stringer saying the existing cost-cutting measures - 8,000 job cuts and plans to close 10-percent of its factories - had not gone far enough. Sony Ericsson themselves posted a significant loss in Q4 2008.

Can't help but wonder what role the lack of overall success for the Xperia X1  could have played. There's a decent following outside of the United States, but there's no denying a lack of carrier support has hurt it here.

Next up is Toshiba [via gearlog], which just announced that CEO Atsutoshi Nishida will be stepping down in June after record losses. We're keeping an eye on Toshiba after it announced the DayGlo Snapdragon-powered TG01 at Mobile World Congress.

OK, awesome mushroom cloud notwithstanding, this hardly is the end of either company in the mobile space. We'll keep our eyes open for Sony and Toshiba's next moves, however.

Update: And Toshiba's new CEO is ...