HTC Titan II

Well... it appears that March 18th will come and go with no new Windows Phone being released. While the rumors were strong and the stars seemed to be in alignment, neither the Nokia Lumia 900 nor the HTC Titan II made it to AT&T store shelves today.  We had already heard rumblings that the Lumia 900 may be delayed but were hoping that the delay wouldn't hit the Titan II.  

In talking to the local AT&T Store on Friday (and again today), they were under the impression at least the Titan II would be available today (as were we).  We were also told by a local AT&T Sales Rep, that HTC told them late Friday the release date for the Titan II was still up in the air.  

So what could the delay be? Is AT&T waiting for more markets to get 4G LTE? Is it there a production issue?  Plus you have to wonder if the delay on the AT&T 900 will delay the 900's release internationally.  AT&T is rumored to have exclusive rights to the Lumia 900.  Will this delay push back the 900's release on other carriers such as Roger's Canada?

Unfortunately, there are more questions than answers on the Titan II and Lumia 900. Speculation now has the Lumia 900 being available on April 8th/9th.  Could the Titan II be slated for the 8th/9th as well?

Hopefully both of these new Windows Phone will hit the market sooner than later.