Do you like those unique, sometimes useless, facts such as "Microsoft made $16,005 in revenue in its first year of operation"? Yes, then we've got an app for you.

XIM Inc is offering two versions of 5001 Amazing Facts through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. First, to get you curious there is the free, Lite Version. The Lite Version has only 60 of the 5,001 facts.

If the Lite Version isn't enough, then you have a $1.99 Premium Version that contains the full, 5,001 facts. Asides from the number of facts, both versions have the same features.

Both version allow you to mark your favorite facts, search facts by keyword, as well as sending the facts to friends via email. Amazing Facts will also remember where you left off in the list of facts or you can start from the beginning.

While some of the facts are questionable, such as "About 1,000 new soft drinks are launched in Japan every year" (that's a lot of soda!), I found Amazing Facts to be entertaining and a little on the addictive side. It didn't take me long to swipe through the 60 facts of the Lite Version.

If you're into trivia and like unusual facts, 5,001 Amazing Facts is worth a try. The only downside to either version is once you reach that last fact, you've exhausted things. If XIM Inc. could find a way to update the facts the application shares. As is, if the Lite Version strikes your fancy, $1.99 isn't too bad a price for 4,941 more facts.