Cadorian Astrosky by Richard Hueser is being offered over at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. The $1.99 app provides you with current weather information, weather alerts, sunrise/sunset times, as well as moon phases.

The main page contains all your weather information and locations can be set by either zip code or by entering the City, State. Switching back to a previously entered location is easy. Simply tap on the drop down button, pick your location, and tap "Get Data". The only thing missing is setting your location via GPS.  You do have the ability to change the source of your data from various locations within the area or airport weather stations.

The only issue I had with setting my location was that if I misspelled a city or there were multiple locations with the same name, an error was generated. You can minimize the chances of this error by including the State with the City name but it would have been nice to have a way to choose the best possible match if you aren't sure of the spelling.

The weather information is presented in a clear, organized fashion. In tapping on the current conditions or forecast bubbles, that information will be pulled up to full screen. The current conditions bubble shows the temperature, humidity, and wind speed/direction. In tapping this bubble more detailed information will be displayed including barometric pressures, dew point, visibility, wind gusts, where the information was gathered and any weather alert information.

In running Astrosky, I found it to be a stable, informative application. I like the simplicity and the amount of information it provides. Data load/refresh times were prompt with no unusual delays experienced.

If you're looking for a straight-forward, easy to navigate weather application Cadorian Astrosky is worth considering.