Like checkers? Want a free checkers game for your Windows Phone? Over at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, MYV Developers is offering Checkers Classic that might fit your needs.

The free application pits you against the computer in a classic game of checkers. There's no player vs. player mode or settings to worry about. Just a plain old game of checkers.

You do play under standard rules where you have to take a jump when present. Game play moves along nicely but the board needs to be a tad better. You move your checkers by tapping/highlighting a game piece, then tap the square you want to move to. The small game board can be a bit of a challenge for larger fingers.

You do have an ad banner that runs along the bottom of the game board (pays for it being free) but isn't distracting.

Checkers Classic is an entertaining game to pass the time with. It would have been nice to have a player vs. player mode and a slightly larger game board. But as is, Checkers Classic is a good game to have in your Marketplace applications list.