Endomondo Sports Tracker is being offered for free over at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile to help you track your outdoor fitness activities.

The app uses your Windows Phone's GPS to track speeds and distances of activities ranging from walking to cross-country skiing. Additionally, you can upload the information from your fitness activities to Endomondo's website and track your progress (free registration required). You can also share your workouts via Facebook and Twitter for bragging rights amongst friends.

In taking Endomondo's Sports Tracker out for a test run, it performed nicely. It did take a while for the GPS to get a satellite fix but that will likely vary from phone to phone.

My main concern is the challenge of securely carrying your Windows Phone while exercising.  A belt, clip case (such as the Body Glove Rhythm) just seemed a little too "loosey-goosey" for my tastes.  If you can tackle this challenge, the Endomondo's Sports Tracker is a must for those needing to track their outdoor fitness activities.