Ever take a trip with friends and when all is said and done, you can't remember who paid for what? How about a party you're planning with friends and you need to track individual expenses and figure out who owes what?  More times than not, you likely kept track of things with pencil and paper and more times than not, someone disputes the numbers.

Clevlab.com has developed a Windows Phone app that might help avoid disputes over accounting and do away with the pencil/paper method.  Friendly Budget allows you to create events, track expenses and calculate reimbursements.

Friendly Budget takes into account what everyone contributes to the event, divides the cost evenly, subtracts each member's expense from their portion of the budget, and then reports who owes who to balance things out.  Expense, event and party entries are straight forward while navigation takes a little getting used to. Friendly Budget does allow for you to add expense categories but there's no way to export the data to a spread sheet or other report (although these features may appear in future releases of the app).

If you need a fairly easy way to track expenses and divide things equally, Friendly Budget is worth considering. The app is available through Marketplace Mobile for $1.99 and you can find more information on the app here. After the break, you can see a video demonstration of Friendly Budget that may rival the World's Record for texting.