JPG Solutions is bringing an age old game to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Hangman is a graphically animated version of the classic word puzzle.

Players are able to choose from six different categories including sports, sci-fi, geography, and history. All in all the game contains over 2,000 words and phrases.

Game play isn't any different from what you're accustomed to in a game of hangman. You guess letters from the alphabet and each wrong guess, adds a piece to the hangman. After seven wrong guesses, the hangman is complete and you loose.

The application is stable with no glitches, bugs or hangups experienced. I liked the graphical quality and sound effects.  The only problem I see with the game is that it doesn't allow for multiple players.

Hangman does have a slight addictive quality and you'll find yourself stumped trying to find the right letter and avoid completing your hangman. It's not a bad choice if you need an gaming app with plenty of longevity (2,000 words and phrase takes some time to go through) to pass the time with. Hangman by JPG Solutions will run you $2.99 over at the Marketplace.