Well Baked Limited is offering the puzzle game Hidden Letter over at the Windows Marketplace. It's a word game that presents you with eleven, scrambled letters and your mission is to discover as many words from those letters.

Sound easy? The challenge is that you have to find the words while working against the clock.

Scrambled letters can produce hundreds of words and when time expires, the game will show you all the possibilities you missed. Three gaming levels exist; Easy, Medium and Hard. The harder the level, the fewer possible words are in the mix.

The game ran smoothly with the only lag time experience was when the letters were being generated. The games dictionary is rather extensive but there were a few words that weren't recognized. If you re-enter a word, you get a warning "You've already entered that word".

Magic Letter does have an addictive quality and a very entertaining way to pass the time. The $.99 application can be found over at the Windows Marketplace and is a must if you enjoy scrabble/word search type games.