Twiscon Software is offering IcyGroove, and internet radio player, over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. IcyGroove offers 25 categories of radio covering hundreds of stations. Want to listen in on NPR out of Alaska? There's a station for that. Want to listen to Metal all the time? There are stations for that as well.

IcyGroove give you the ability to tag stations as favorites, search for stations and update your station database. In taking IcyGroove out for a spin, I found the interface to be straight forward and easy to navigate through.

I did get a "connection timed out" error when attempting to connect to a few stations but more times than not, stations came in loud and clear. The application ran smoothly with no bugs, glitches or hangups experienced.

IcyGroove will run you $2.99 over at the Marketplace and if you're looking for an internet radio app, IcyGroove is worth considering.