We've already shined the spotlight on several Langlearner Marketplace apps and now we turn our focus on the companies most recent Marketplace app, Langlearner Full.

Langlearner Full follows that same lesson plan of Langlearner Lite (the free version) in that it focuses on short, everyday phrases (e.g. where's the restroom, what time is it, etc.).  Langlearner Full has more content which includes ten languages and 100mbs of downloadable content covering thirty-two lessons.

Navigation is simple and the lesson plans are straightforward. You choose your lesson pack (casual conversation, dining, first aid, etc) to download and then choose your individual lesson. Each lesson covers the full language range and you choose the direction of the translation.  The Windows Phone App presents the phrase in the written and audible form as well as a picture illustrating the phrase.

Langlearner Full is available at the Windows Mobile Marketplace for 99 cents. It may not be on the same level as Rosetta Stone but if you're looking for a convenient, simple to use language app, LangLearner Full isn't a bad way to spend less than a buck. Not sure? You can still download Langlearner Lite to get a feel for things.