Midomi is search application that will not only search based on song title and artist, but it will also search based on a snippet of the song. If you've ever had a song in your mind and can't remember the artist or title, all you have to do is hum a few bars and Midomi will search its database of more than two million song tracks for the right tune.

Searching is easy. You can type the artist/song title or you can sing/hum the tune. The information is then sent to Midomi's database and either a direct match is sent to your Windows Phone or a list of closely related matches is sent.

I tested Midomi by playing a song on the radio (Hillbilly Deluxe by Brooks and Dunn) and the search result was spot on.  In contrast, singing the same song produced a small range of results, none being the right song. Granted my vocals pale in comparison to Brooks and Dunn (neighborhood dogs began to howl) so I decided a more common tune, Jingle Bells. The results were again spot on.

In trying other songs, the results were hit and miss based on the quality of the input. There were a few instances when it took a second search to get the correct results.

Midomi is an interesting application and if you have a need to search music titles based on the sound as well as keyword, it might be worth trying. Midomi is running $4.99 on the Marketplace.  There is an online component to help you identify those mystery songs if you'd prefer to try Midomi out before buying.