Language translation applications can always come in handy. Mobile Translator by Rick Engle is a free application over at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile that provides translations for twenty-four languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and many more.

Not much to this application and sometimes the simpler the better. With Mobile Translator you choose your source language and your target language. Enter the text of what you want translated into the top field, tap translate and your translated text appears in the bottom field.

Text entry can be done via copy/paste and if you're not sure of the source language, there is an auto-detect feature. The copy/paste feature is handy and will save you time if your translating from an email, sms or other document on your Windows Phone.

One downside to Mobile Translator is that you don't have audible translations. Everything is limited to text translation so pronunciation can be a guessing game. The other downside is that when entering foreign text, your keyboard entry doesn't automatically change to your source language.  This you'll need to do manually.

While it has room for improvement, Mobile Translator is a free application and can come in handy for basic translation needs. If you need text translation, Mobile Translator is a must have app for your Windows Phone.