Twisconapps has released a handy SMS message utility, msgCleaner, that helps clean up some of the clutter in your inbox.  The app is available for $1.99 over at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

If you've done any amount of texting you know that deleting messages can be tedious. msgCleaner will automatically delete old messages in one clean sweep. msgCleaner can be filtered to protect messages from key contacts or held in certain folders.

The layout of msgCleaner is straight forward. From the main screen you can clean up the messaging folders immediately, modify any cleaning rules you have established, manually clear specific folders, and manually delete messages individually. Settings include setting a cleaning schedule, set the maximum age of a message (one second to two hours), as well as identifying folders, contacts, and messages to exclude from the cleaning process.

In using msgCleaner over the past few days, it has made cleaning out all the automated notifications I get. The only nit I have with the application is that in filtering out contacts, there is no shortcuts to advance through the contacts. The only way to navigate through your contact list is to touch scroll. It would be nice if there were alphabetical tabs or a keyboard to advance through the contact list quicker.

All in all, msgCleaner is a very handy utility for your Windows Phone. If you are a heavy texter, msgCleaner will save you a considerable amount of time deleting old and unwanted text messages. msgCleaner is running $1.99 and is available over at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.