Photography is a great way to preserve memories, share experiences and communicate with others. It is said a photo is worth a thousand words but if you are just learning your way around a camera, it may end up being worth a thousand blurry words.

For those who need a little help while taking photos, PhotoWiz is an application available over at the Marketplace that may bring things into better focus. Developed by photographer Carmelo Milian, PhotoWiz offers tips and suggestions for taking pictures of subjects ranging from landscapes to portraits to fireworks.

Additionally, PhotoWiz offers a glossary for basic functions such as metering types, exposure terms, and other basic photographic terminologies.  The Marketplace listing indicates the app compatible with a limited number of cameras but reviewing the tips, the information can be applied to just about any camera.

PhotoWiz does present a good bit of information that will be useful for those just beginning to learn about photography. The more seasoned photographers may find the information a little elementary. Either group will likely find the $9.99 price tag a little on the steep side.  To find out more about Photowiz, you can check it out on your Windows Phone Marketplace or via the web.