Smartrunner from Rolf Kluge is a free application being offered over at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Smartrunner is a sports tracking application that will help you record and track your outdoor exercises including running, biking, hiking, inline skating, etc. You can also track non-sporting activities such as car driving, flying, and motor biking.

Smartrunner utlizes your Windows Phone's GPS to record your distance and speed of each workout session. Calories burned as well as duration of the session are also recorded. Speaking of the GPS, Smartrunner will allow Windows Mobile to manage the GPS or you can input the settings manually. You can also monitor some of the satellite acquisition data.

When you first use Smartrunner, you will set up your free, user account that will give you access to the online component. You can upload each session and track your training history by logging into Smartrunner also has the ability to upload exercise tracks to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to share (brag) with your friends.

In taking Smartrunner out for a test run, I found it to be a stable and accurate application. While you have the ability to stop/pause/resume workouts from the main screen, other commands have to be accessed from a pull-up menu. This can be a little cumbersome to access during workouts.

While not as clean looking as other workout applications such as Endomondo Sport Tracker, Smartrunner is a feature rich application worth considering if you need to track your outdoor activities.