We took a look at Weatherbug Mobile last year and found the mobile weather app to be impressive.  The mobile app has found its way to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile and we wanted to take a quick look to see if the weather app was still as impressive.

There are currently two versions of Weatherbug available from the Marketplace. You have the standard, free version of Weatherbug and a $1.99 version called Weatherbug Elite. The key difference seems to be that the free version is ad supported while the Elite version is not.  The Elite version has a few more map overlays as well.

The Windows Phone app offers a good amount of weather information ranging from your local conditions (temperature, winds, weather alerts, etc) to a seven day forecast to radar images. You also have the ability to tap into live Weatherbug Cameras to get a visual on the weather conditions.

Location settings can be done manually or through your Windows Phone GPS. The navigation and layout of Weatherbug is simple and straight forward. I like the weather alert feature and the weather radar display. My only gripe was at times the weather maps were noticeably slow to load. This could easily be due to my wireless network, the application, or the weather site the information is being collected from.

All in all, Weatherbug is still a very good weather application and well worth trying.  If you can stand the advertising banner, the free version will give you a feel for things and then you can decide if you need to invest in the ad-free, elite version.