Markets & Me Plus

The developer of Markets & Me has released its premium version to the Marketplace. Markets & Me + is to compliment the recent app update that rolled out last week. This premium version of the app will not sport advertisements and will feature a few exclusive features that users will have to upgrade to should they wish to make use of extra functionality...

So what's included in the premium version that is also absent from Markets & Me?

  • Ability to add financial indicators such as moving averages, MACD, RSI, etc.
  • Many users informed they wanted to be able to customise the hub, removing predefined indices/currencies they don’t care about, this is now possible. The entire hub constituents can be replaced with the user’s choice.
  • In addition, predefined indices/currencies can now be added to watchlist
  • And also on tap, the indices/currencies now have dedicated summary pages, with information about how many stocks advanced or declined on the respective stock index on the trading day, with the currencies providing conversion options (CaptureN_8)
  • The predefined indices/currencies can also be removed entirely, and re-added later as user desires, in fact custom currency pairs can be added to the app, and to watchlist or pin-to-start (CaptureN_13)
  • The sorting in the premium version is also more advanced, giving the user total control on the ordering of the quotes in the relevant lists

Markets & Me

We're huge fans of the app and recommend the download / purchase. You can download the premium version from the Marketplace for $2.99 (£2.29). The free version (with advertisements) remains listed and will be updated along with its priced brother.

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