Not to be mean, or anything, but I've found the Dash to be snappier and more powerful than the old warhorse slider, the T-Mobile MDA. The MDA was my first slider, its big screen is nice and all, but the processor always felt underpowered. It's still a pretty good WM5 device because it has so many freaking buttons that you can customize to do what you'd like. Set it next to an 8525, though, and you'll start to see why T-Mobile suddenly isn't selling the MDA on its site anymore.

alas, the time has come to kiss the MDA goodbye it seems. As such, the handset has completely disappeared from T-Mobile's website. Is this just a short-term omission or is the MDA gone for good? Is this a sign that a replacement is near?

Read: MDA gone from T-Mobile's website - Engadget Mobile

And now, an open letter:

Dearest T-Mobile,

You're really hurting us power users. First you faddle around instead of bringing us a proper 3G network (but I hold out hope they'll have something within 6 months), now you're killing off your high-end PPC phone. Great customer service will only get you so far, my back-of-the-carrier-pack friend. Quit giving all the joy to Germans and give the Americans some. Those Germans are too dour to properly appreciate it, anyway.