Me Tiles for the Microsoft Band

Although the Microsoft Band is still too hard to buy for most of the world, the good news is when it does arrive you cannot complain about the lack of apps.

Me Tiles is another in the cadre of free apps that you can use to change the Me Tile on your fitness tracker. We have already seen Pimp My Band and the new Fanband apps and Me Tiles acts very similar.

The best way to describe Me Tiles is it is like the many wallpaper apps you see on the Windows Phone Store. You can choose from different categories e.g. Bing Wallpapers, Nature, Techie, Vehicles, Games, and Movies. Within each category, you get a dozen or more choices, including a beautiful backlog on those Bing Wallpapers.

Tapping the theme you want selects it to be synced over. You can also go in and change many of the theme's color attributes if you want to tweak things. Finally, you just hit the 'Set Me Tile' button and presto, you have a new photo on your Band.

Me Tiles is free with some banner ads to support the developer. In that sense, there is not much to complain about as it works, and there is an excellent selection of pre-cut images for your tracker. One annoyance though is the back button logic will always exit the app instead of return to the previous screen. It is something easily overlooked but also easily fixable, so hopefully it will come in a future update.

Either way, you can never have enough image repositories for your Microsoft Band, especially if you like to change it frequently. So add Me Tiles to your Band folder on your Start screen and take a look.

Download Me Tiles for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)

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