Media Browser update brings Media Browser Connect, Cinema Mode, tons more

Media Browser, the all-in-one, well, media browsing app for Windows Phone, received a rather large update yesterday, bringing with it a number of new features and goodies. One of the biggest additions is Media Browser Connect, which allows users to access their server with a convenient login rather than dealing with connection details. In addition, the app grabbed other features such as automatic photo uploads, channels, playlists, and more.

Possibly one of the most unique new features is Cinema Mode, which essentially mimics everyone's favorite part a trip to the theater:

This was a more recent thing for the server, it allows you to configure the server to give you a couple of trailers to play before you start watching a movie/tv episode. This feature does, however, require you to have the Trailers plugin installed on the server, and it's also a feature that is configured at the server level, not the app level.

There are, of course, a number of additional changes and features, the full list of which can be found below:

  • Media Browser Connect
  • Automatic Photo Uploads
  • Channels
  • Playlists
  • Cinema Mode
  • Instant Mix
  • Streaming Settings
  • UI Changes
  • Kazakh and Norwegian language support

Are you a Media Browser user? Which new feature are you most excited about?

Source: Media Browser