Microsoft Moonraker

New images have been found on the Tumblr account owned by Microsoft design employee Pei-Chi Hsie, clearly showing off a smartwatch running Microsoft's Windows OS. Codenamed the Microsoft Moonraker (model LS-50), this smartwatch looks to sport a Modern UI resembling that from Windows Phone.

Unfortunately, you're not able to purchase this device, nor are we sure if it will ever see the light of day. According to information obtained by The Verge, this smartwatch was actually cancelled by Microsoft after taking over Nokia's devices and services division.

"Sources familiar with Nokia's plans tell The Verge that the Finnish company was developing a "Moonraker" smartwatch that leveraged many of the aesthetics of the modern Windows Phone design. Working prototype devices were shown to potential customers at Mobile World Congress last year, and the smartwatch came closw to launching. Nokia was planning to reveal its smartwatch alongside the Lumia 930, and Microsoft canceled it around the time the company acquired Nokia's phone business."

The device was to be unveiled alongside the Lumia 930, offering support to read texts by lifting one's arm or lower the watch to turn off the display. The images were spotted by Evan Blass, who shared some details on Twitter:

As for Microsoft's own wearable that you can actually purchase today, the company is working on Band version 2, which is slated to be hitting sometime later this year.

It's currently unknown as to what Microsoft's plans are for the smartwatch. Would you have been interested in the Microsoft Moonraker? The images have since been removed from Tumblr.

Microsoft Moonraker

Microsoft Moonraker

Source: Tumblr, via: Twitter (Evan Blass)