Microsoft Store

Yesterday Microsoft officially announced and detailed the upcoming Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. They also revealed over half a dozen new accessories for the Surface family and all those new gadgets went on pre-order this morning. Surface boss Panos Panay also did an AMA on Reddit yesterday where he and the Surface team answered hundreds of questions. If he didn’t answer one of yours, you might be able to ask him in person at your local Microsoft Store.

Starting next Monday, Panos Panay and the Surface team will hit up a select few Microsoft Stores across the nation for a meet and greet. On hand will also be demos of the new Surface toys. Here are the nine locations and dates, most events start at around 6PM local time, but check the source link below to check your specific event

  • Seattle – 9/30
  • San Francisco – 10/1
  • Los Angeles – 10/2
  • Houston – 10/3
  • Boston – 10/8
  • Miami – 10/9
  • Chicago – 10/10
  • New York City – 10/15
  • Boston – 10/16
  • Arlington, VA – 10/17

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

You’ll need to RSVP through the Facebook link below. At the events you’ll be seeing giveaways for various gift cards and other prizes. Space is limited so make you register. 

Why does Boston get to go twice? I don’t know, but the world isn’t fair. I’ll most likely be at the Los Angeles event. Which one are you going to go to?

Source: Facebook, Via: Twitter