Memorylage is a nifty Windows Phone 8 app that taps into your Pictures Hub as an alternative viewer for your pictures. Memorylage displays the galleries in collage form and has the ability to create collages from selected images that can be used as lockscreens or shared as stand alone images.

The version 1.1 is more or less a maintenance update that addresses issues that were present in the original release such as fixing the caption of the lockscreen button in the Photo Booth, fixed a color theme issue, and dealt with some stability issues. While fixes are in place, you also get a few new features added to the mix.


With version 1.1 of Memorylage you also get new collage layouts, fast resume support, Live Tiles matching your accent color, along with Live Tile display options. Nothing earth shattering but it's nice that the developer takes the opportunity to add a little more to Memorylage while tweaking things under the hood.

It's our understanding that we can look for future updates that will bring SkyDrive support to Memorylage as well as the ability to update the lockscreen daily in the background, and filters.  Not sure if all those features will be rolled into one update or spread out across several.  Regardless, these features will simply add to an already nice Windows Phone 8 app.

There is an ad-supported trial version available for Memorylage with the full, ad-free version running $1.99. You can find Memorylage here in the Windows Phone Store.

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