Update: Microsoft has informed us that the actual name is 'Windows Store Applications', so there is no '8'. We're not sure if that's any better though.

We’re still here at Microsoft’s BUILD conference and during a talk on ‘the Microsoft Design language’, it was clarified during the Q&A session that Metro apps are now called “Windows 8 Store Applications”. Yeah, that’s a mouthful.

Microsoft’s Will Tschumy answered a question from the Verge’s Tom Warren on the matter and revealed the name to a laughing crowd. Clearly a room full of developers wanted to know what to call this design philosophy and they certainly got their answer.

Of course we need to remember that such an unwieldy name will only be used by developers, not exactly the PC buying public. Tschumy was cautious in not talking about the reasons behind the move from Metro, which is believed to be spurned by a complaint from the MetroAG firm over trademark.

There is no doubt that “Windows 8 Store applications” is a terrible name for such a beautiful design language and we can’t help but think Microsoft is missing a really important branding opportunity here for the public. Modern UI or even Microsoft Design Language (MDL) sounds much better to the ear compared to Windows 8 Store Applications, which of course makes even less sense for Windows Phone apps.

For those interested, you can head to design.windows.com for more information on Microsoft’s design principles.