Lumia 521 MetroPCS

Good news if you’re on MetroPCS and want a new, affordable Windows Phone. The company is evidently getting the Nokia Lumia 521 in the near future, at least according to @evleaks, the notorious leaker of all things tech.

We last heard about MetroPCS getting on board with Windows Phone 8 way back in August, 2012.  The Lumia 521 would be their first and only Windows Phone 8 device to date, making it somewhat of a big deal for those customers.

For those curious as to why MetroPCS would get the “exclusive” T-Mobile Lumia 521 and not the Lumia 520, that’s because MetroPCS is a ‘mobile virtual network operator’ (MVNO) for T-Mobile, piggy backing off of their network. But more specifically, T-Mobile has actually taken over the company, though they plan to keep the MetroPCS as a separate brand. Having said that, the Lumia 520 and 521 are basically the same device with only slight variations in design and cellular radio bands.

In that sense, it seems obvious why MetroPCS would pick up the entry level and low cost Lumia 521. Though they company has not said anything official on the matter, we imagine we could see this device being offered in the coming weeks.

Source: @eveleaks; Thanks, Rodney, for the tip