MetroRadio v2

Back a few weeks ago we announced that MetroRadio had landed in the Marketplace, earning the title of being the first unofficial Pandora app for Windows Phone. Then Pandora made some changes to their undocumented APIs (something that should be anticipated) and the app stopped working. The developer then "hid" the app from the Marketplace until he could revise the app and make some changes--so there you go.

Now the app is back with v3.0 and it has a cleaner UI and more:

  • Faster loading
  • Changed the way the app gets its music
  • Added auto login
  • Added Now playing to the stations list
  • Fixed Issues with login
  • Fixed Issues with playback
  • Added more search results
  • UI improvements

Not bad. The app is still free of course and you can grab it here in the Marketplace.