We still lack an official YouTube app on Windows Phone, but have some solid third party offerings. Metrotube and myTube are the two YouTube apps constantly vying for a spot on your Start screen. However, Metrotube hasn’t been updated since last July and some users are reporting that videos won’t play. Good news though, not only is a fix on the way for Metrotube users experiencing issues, but a beta for the next release is about to take place. Details after the break.

A few tweets from the Lazyworm Apps account shows that there’s a fix coming for users not getting videos to play on Metrotube. Music videos seem to be particularly affected with whatever is ailing Metrotube.

So a fix is coming for Metrotube, but a beta is also ready for testing. If you’re interested in joining the Metrotube beta all you need to do is send an email to info at lazywormapps dot com two things: your Microsoft Live ID and your username for Trello.

You’re not alone if you’ve been wondering why Lazyworms Apps hasn’t updated Metrotube for quite some time. What’s the holdup? Well if you go to their website you’ll see that they do a lot more than build third-party YouTube clients for Windows Phone. They build sweet ‘metro-style’ apps on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Basically contract work for big companies. In fact, another tweet says they’ve been busy working with “some very big brands” to bring their apps to Windows 8.1. We can live with that delay.

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