metrotwit for windows 8

In March, the team behind MetroTwit, the popular third-party Twitter app for Windows 8 and Windows desktop users, removed it from circulation so no new downloads and installations could take place. However, the team has now released a quick update to the app to fix an annoying bug for the folks that still have the app installed on their device.

As posted on the MetroTwit website, the patch has been released to deal with one bug: "Fixed Twitter API issue due to POODLE SSL vulnerability." However, the team added, "P.S. Not really coming back." That's because the app hit the token limit that all third party Twitter apps have to deal with several months ago.

However, we applaud the fact that the team is aware there are many people that are still using MetroTwit and got this fix out for them. We don't expect this to happen very often, however. What other third-party Twitter apps do you like to use?

Source: MetroTwit