The developer of popular Twitter client for Windows Phone, MeTweets has voiced concerns about the social network regarding access to Site Streams. Kicking off a petition, the developer desires to implement support into the backend of MeTweets, but states that Twitter restricts third party access to that specific API as it's still in beta. Unfortunately, this beta stage was kicked off back in 2010 and it's not clear that will change anytime soon.

So what is Site Streams exactly? It allows developers to immediately send notifications without delay in real-time to the app, giving a more "live" feel to things. Furthermore, by utilising streams in favour of polling it helps to prevent the app from experiencing the dreaded "rate limit reached" issue. Some Windows Phone Twitter clients support Site Streams, including the official client and Rowi. Having access to Site Streams is necessary for MeTweets to get back in the game and offer functionality on par with the competition, so we understand why this developer and other Twitter app devs would like access.

As well as the petition, the developer has also put the app on sale until August 10th. Usually priced at $1.49, you can pick up MeTweets on the Windows Phone Store for just $0.99. While the pool of updates has been barren for some time, we can tease that the developer is working on something that will please many of you. Stay tuned to see what's happening in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can participate in the Twitter petition by heading here:

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