Nokia has been ordered by a court ruling in Mexico to pay damages and cover costs for consumers who purchased defective mobile devices, prior to the company supporting Windows Phone and Microsoft acquiring the handset and services division. However, both Nokia and Microsoft have denied they are liable for these new charges.

According to the Reuters report:

A Mexico City court found in favor of federal consumer protection agency Profeco in a suit first filed in 2010 against Nokia Mexico before Finnish parent Nokia sold its mobile business to Microsoft - a sale which was completed this year.

Those who purchased a Nokia handset before Microsoft swooped in and absorbed the device business will be able to seek damages. The court said Nokia will have to either replace defective hardware or reimburse costs, plus any eligible compensation. Not much else is know about the ruling, including which Nokia hardware families are affected.

In a statement, Nokia said that due to the purchase of its Devices and Services division by Microsoft it is no longer liable to pay damages in this case. For its part, a Microsoft spokesperson said it had already paid damages to 17 affected Nokia Mexico consumers for a total of $4,200 following a ruling made by the courts in 2011. It added that the deadline for claims in the case had expired in 2012.

That many not be the end of the case, as Profeco says that claims can still be filed against Nokia Mexico and that there is no set deadline to file those claims. It sounds like this case is not quite over yet. Do you think Microsoft still has to pay claims from this case?

Source: Reuters