PK Lumia 635

Microsoft has confirmed that the vast majority of apps (71%) downloaded from the Windows Phone Store are installed on low memory devices. These phones have 512MB of RAM or less and are running Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1.

The numbers are part of Microsoft's monthly app update for both the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store. It adds that Windows Phone low-memory devices account for the top five devices for app downloads, with the Lumia 520, not surprisingly, the top device. Seven of the top 10 Windows Phones for app downloads are low memory devices. Microsoft adds:

"With 71% of downloads now coming from low-memory devices, you can more than double your potential market by optimizing your app to run on low memory devices. If that's not possible, consider creating a version with lower memory requirements to offer alongside your primary apps."

Windows Phone app device trends

Microsoft also said that 65% of Windows Phone downloads now go to Windows Phone 8.1 devices while Windows Phone 7.x devices now account for less than 5% for all app downloads from the store.

Source: Microsoft