Mobile Devices Website

Microsoft has migrated the main sections of what was the Nokia UK Lumia website to its own online portal. The tech giant recently pushed across the support pages covering Lumia software updates and now it appears as though the green light has been given to absorb remaining content. A combination of notifications and redirects have been set up to send consumers from the old Nokia website to Microsoft's new home of its own mobile products.

It's essentially a brand new home for everything Lumia. There aren't any mentions of Surface here, but this move has allowed Microsoft to bring all its newly acquired hardware families together under one roof, be it Lumia or even Asha. The old Nokia website (or what's left of the company) will focus on HERE services, Nokia Solutions & Networks and other ventures. Mobile devices will now be under Microsoft's control.

Check out the new Lumia Windows Phone website and let us know your thoughts. We're only seeing the UK site move across, so we'll keep our eyes open for when Microsoft hits the switch for other localised sites.

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