Microsoft accidentally publishes test patch to Windows Update

If you happened to notice an odd-looking update pushing through Windows Update on your Windows 7 machine early this morning, don't panic: it was a mistake. Speaking with ZDNet, Microsoft has confirmed that it mistakenly pushed out a test update to Windows Update. From ZDNet

A spokesperson said that the company had "incorrectly published a test update" and is in the process of removing it.

According to the report, the update appeared as a language update rated as "important." It came in at 4.3MB large and contained incomprehensible text in its name and description. It's not entirely clear what the update contained, but it's probably best to stay away from trying to install it.

So, if you saw the strange update and thought your machine had been compromised in some way, there's no need to worry. Someone at Microsoft simply pulled a "woopsy" and accidentally published a test update.

Source: ZDNet