Office 365

Microsoft announced that it has acquired text analysis startup Equivio, with plans to integrate the service's machine learning technology for eDiscovery and information governance into Office 365 "in the months ahead."

Microsoft's corporate vice president for Outlook and Office 365 Rajesh Jha stated that Equivio's technology will allow businesses and governments using Office 365 to sift through enormous amounts of data to find relevant documents.

"Businesses and governments around the world generate enormous volumes of data every day. Sifting through that data to find what is relevant to a legal or compliance matter is costly and time consuming."

"Equivio's solution applies machine learning to help solve these problems, enabling users to explore large, unstructured sets of data and quickly find what is relevant. It uses advanced text analytics to perform multi-dimensional analyses of data collections, intelligently sorting documents into themes, grouping near-duplicates, isolating unique data, and helping users quickly identify the documents they need."

Equivio's clients include the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, as well as "hundreds of law firms, corporations and other organizations." While no financial details were disclosed, The Wall Street Journal mentioned last year that a deal would possibly be in the vicinity of $200 million.

Source: Microsoft

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