Searching for entertainment options on Microsoft's Bing search engine should be a little easier, thanks to some improvements that should make finding information about movies, TV shows and live events a better experience.

TV Episodes on Bing

Microsoft says that Bing will now show more information on a specific TV show like The Walking Dead, such as an episode list, videos, cast lists and more. The Bing Predicts feature is also offering forecasts once again on who might win popular reality shows such as the current seasons of The Voice and Dancing With The Stars. In addition, the prediction engine will also show what Bing thinks will be the most popular shows on US television this season:

"Using popular search terms from our users and historical data regarding what makes a TV show successful, Bing Predicts these ten shows will lead the season in popularity: The Walking Dead, The Bing Bang Theory, Empire, NCIS, Dancing with the Stars, Grey's Anatomy, The Flash, Gotham, Supergirl and The Voice. You can see the full list of over 100 fall TV shows in this easy to scroll carousel. We'll continue to update as the fall TV season progresses and more shows begin airing so check back frequently."

If you are on a smartphone, the Bing search engine will now show trailers, reviews, and theater showtimes for specific current films, and even let users purchase tickets from the site. Also, typing in "new movies on Netflix" on Bing will bring up a carousel with a list of the most recent movies added to the streaming service. Finally, users who type in "events near me" on Bing will see a carousel of live upcoming music concerts, including dates and venues.

Source: Microsoft