Windows Store

Microsoft continues to expand the features that can be used by Windows Store app developers and publishers. The latest update adds quite a few new features to Dev Center, including one that will allow app creators to schedule special sales for in-app purchases that can start and end automatically.

Microsoft says:

"Just like app sales, when you publish a sale for an IAP, the price will drop at the start date and time you specify, and will automatically revert to the original price at the end date and time. You can configure sales with a duration of up to 30 days."

"To schedule a sale in Dev Center, go to the Pricing and Availability page in an IAP submission, and select "Sale Pricing." Give your sale a name (optional, not displayed to customers), then set the sale price, start date/time and end date/time, click or tap "Save," to submit the IAP to the Store. You can also configure per-market pricing for your IAP sales."

The special sale price will only be visible to customers for apps made for Windows 10. Publishers of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone apps will have to lower the base IAP price manually and revert it back when the sale ends.

Another one of the new features that has been added to Dev Center is support for adding multiple users on one account:

"This feature enables much greater account management flexibility with different permissions through managed roles. Roles allow you to, among other things, choose which users can manage and submit packages, restrict access to account financial information, or allow only select users to be able to respond to reviews."

Source: Microsoft