Today is March 14, and many people choose to celebrate it as Pi Day (3.14; get it?). Microsoft has decided to use the day to introduce some new interactive math elements when people use its Bing search engine for various topics.

Bing table

If people search for "multiplication table" on Bing, Microsoft says will show them an interactive table in the Bing search results

You can even quiz yourself on how well you are doing: Click on the "Quiz me!" button and let the table guide you through a set of "fill-in-the-blank" questions, then Bing scores your answers. You can also print the quiz for offline use when away from the computer."

Other new interactive mathematical features in Bing include a geometry calculator for help in finding out the surface area of a cube or the volume of a pyramid. There's also a function grapher, a polynomial equation solver, a number converter and more.