Microsoft has announced it has added some new features to its Bing service that include a direct way to view a list of free online education courses within search results, along with faster access to free editions of books.

If a person searches for a subject such as organic chemistry, in Bing, the snapshot pane on the left will now offer a list of direct links to free online courses on that subject. The courses are offered via a partnership between Microsoft and Khan Academy.

Also, if a person searches for a book title in Bing, the snapshot pane might offer links to a free (and we would hope official) eBook copy. If that's not available, the pane will display a link to the closest public library where that book is available for checkout. Finally, the pane could also show an excerpt from the book itself.

Microsoft recently added more direct access to Twitter posts in its search results. What do you think of this new feature and will it encourage you to use Bing over it's biggest rival Google?

Source: Bing blog