Microsoft sometimes has placed HTML5-based video images on its Bing home page as part of the search site's daily photo. Now those same video images might have an optional audio componant. Today's Bing home page photo shows a flock of geese flying in the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in California, but you can actually hear them if you turn on the audio selection at the bottom right side of the image.

Microsoft says:

"Over time, we've evolved the way we tell stories about our world. In 2011, we released our first HTML5 video homepage. The following year, we enabled users to dive deeper with an interactive panoramic homepage. Then our fans shared that they would love to hear rushing waterfalls, distinct animal calls, or waves lapping the shores of a faraway beach when they see these evocative images on Bing. And now you can."

"So when you visit us for your daily dose of surprise and delight, look for the audio icon on the bottom-right of screen to know if you can hear the homepage that day—sound is off by default so you can choose when and where to listen."

As with all of Bing's daily photos, you can also learn more about the location and background of each image by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Source: Microsoft