Windows Intune is a cloud-based management solution for IT departments that allows them to remotely control PCs and mobile devices. Microsoft has announced a new update rolling out to Intune that will allow the service to support Samsung KNOX and Windows Phone 8.1.

Samsung’s KNOX platform is a relatively new enterprise mobile security solution. It allows Samsung devices, like the Galaxy S5, to handle both business and personal content on the same handset. Intune now supports device configuration settings through the KNOX standard.

Windows Phone 8.1 users in an Intune environment can look forward to additional device configuration settings, sideloading enhancements, selective wipe, support for Web Authentication Broker (WAB) enrollment and automatic MDM certificate renewal.

The update is being rolled our right now, but should be welcomed news to anyone in an IT setting with a Samsung KNOX compatible device or Windows Phone 8.1 handset. Microsoft plans to have the update rolled out to all Intune customers by May 21st. New trial and paid subscriptions created after May 9 will automatically have these features.

Windows Intune is available as part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite. Those rocking iPhone or Android handsets can grab the updated Windows Intune Company Portal apps today!

Anyone working in a business that uses Intune?

Source: Technet Via: WinSuperSite